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Our training offered:

Holistic approach to school readiness (NAOT)

This course is facilitated by the Namibian Association of Occupational Therapy, and will be 2 days. Successful participants will receive a certificate for successfully completing Sensory Integration; Fine and Gross motor development and visual perceptual development.

Pre-Numeracy and Pre-Literacy (Ronel Bosch)

Providing multisensory and hands-on approaches to enhance pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills in a playful learning environment.

Basic First Aid (EMTSS)

This would be toddler first aid training to teachers for new schools and take one day to complete. The successful completion of this program will be rewarded by a certificate valid for one year and issued by Emergency Management Training services. This competence will equip the teachers to administer first aid in the event of a medical emergency. Parents will also feel more comfortable leaving their children at a day care where the teacher is equipped to handle any medical emergencies.

Character Transformation (Adonai Trust)

Here focus will fall on training teachers to be role models of good characters in order to bring ethical and moral values back into society, this is a two (2) day course. The African animals and colour chart principle used in this training has proofed to stimulate and improve children in this age groups memory. This training will provide practical take home skills for teachers to apply in the day to day school environment of the child.

Financial Literacy (Adonai Trust)

Teaching the teachers the ability to manage personal finance matters in an efficient manner, and impart knowledge of making appropriate decisions about personal finance.

Our projected cost of what we want to achieve in 2018

Type of courses and other activities Cost per course Number of course Total costs
NAOT- play ready school N$6,000 1 N$6,000
Educational Phycologist - Sensory Play & Learning -Ronel Bosch - 2 0
Basic First Aid - EMTSS N$7,000 2 N$14,000
Character Transformation - Adonai Trust N$30,000 3 N$90,000
Financial Literacy - Adonai Trust N$15,000 3 N$45,000